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With our programs, you will acquire skills and competencies that prepare you for university life, once you graduate, having met the requirements and required credits.

E Online School for you:

  1. Aspirants to enter the regular secondary program
  2. Secondary students from anywhere in the world
  3. Young people who wants to finish their studies
  4. Colleges or institutions of Secondary Education in each country,
    interested in double degree programs.

Explore your full potential

Apply Online Right Now! Contact us today for a personalized price quote based on your specific needs. We also have Scholarships still available if you qualify!

Flexible Schedule

Review course materials during your own time. What’s more, you can continue caring for your loved ones and working full-time while earning an education.


E Online School is an American High School, registered with the Florida Department of State, as a private high school, under the Florida Department of Education's School Choice Program.


EOS possesses a centrally managed, Common Core Standards based curriculum with objectives and outcomes that are carefully defined.​

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